Marcelo and I weren’t born this way….. no, its not easier for us than what is is for other people.

If you have a look at our parents you will see how we differ from them, not because they are in a bad shape and health condition, maybe average but what people nowadays consider average being ok, for Marcelo and i being average it’s not ok, we are after GREATNESS.

Our slogan is definitely not the silly:

“no pain,. no gain”

Or spend hours exercising and eating every two hours, definitely not!

To have the body that we both have and the outstanding health with no markers of disease in our mid 30’s is not either a product of genetics or luck or hours in the gym… it’s none of that!

The product of how good we look and feel is called:

– A smarter approach / years of research / expertise – countless hours studying in search for answers and the proper tools (technology)  to do the job.

Yes we do exercise MINUTES per week, yes we eat mainly once or twice a day and yes this is far smarter and enjoyable than the other answers out there.

If you want to have constant energy and avoid disease and look good you have to do less not more.


Not enough is equally as bad as too much, thats where the fitness industry is still so dumb and retrograde, it’s about the minimum of what it take to get the most benefits and not how much your body can take until it brakes down.

When you eat more and if you are hungry all the time your nutrition is wrong, is aging you faster because your body is a machine, your digestive system digesting all the food you eat is wearing out faster if you are using it all the time, not eating all the time is cheaper, gives you more energy, slows down the aging process and is not time consuming and it is equals saving health of your organs and joints and most importantly saving precious time in your life.

When you exercise more you are also aging faster, you are causing wear and tear in your ligaments and joints, releasing free radicals and causing a continuous stressful hormonal response, aches and pains is a sign of disease and fast aging which is a great recipe to look older, not even mentioning how time consuming it is.

So NO, spending hours at the gym exercising is not the way to keep yourself fit and healthy for life and is definitely not optimal and YES everyone should be properly strength training, resistance training is the holy grail of health and is not a choice but a necessity to every human in the planet.


It is the protocol of  exercise we advocate at intense health, that equals again saving  your health and most importantly saving precious time of your life that you can dedicate to spend we the people you love or even as simple as sleeping more which carries many health benefits.

if i could make one wish this new year would be:

“Less misinformation and non sense health professionals, please stop the madness of hours of gym work and hours of food preparation, hours of cardio …”

“Cardio”  – my goodness –   I actually cannot believe people are still doing hours of cardio in 2016 with the objective of losing weight.

Go and grab a science book, update yourself and your studies, your ignorance is a big disservice for the community… Saving time my people, saving time is the big aha moment for 2017. Your life is defined by the quality of time spent, and all our clocks are ticking. Less time spent in anything with bigger return, thats the smart way.

Why spending hours with an ineffective answer if you would look and feel so much better spending minutes instead?

You are gaining time by doing less with more quality, once you have the proper tools and proper knowledge of two experts in Exercise (Marcelo) and Nutrition (Andreia) doing less and achieving more is the new smart currency.

It’s not easy but is definitely easier and smarter than the other solutions out there, trust me combined more than 30 years experience in the fitness industry, we have tried and done all of them, and we found this is the most sustainable, time efficient, effective, safe and most enjoyable solution up to date.

Our slogan is:

“Spread health and fitness solutions in a smarter and elegant way”

Finding better smarter solutions for exercising with quality in minutes per week, eating delicious food that makes you feel satisfied, makes you healthy and happy, having energy throughout the whole day and makes you naturally look good as a consequence.

Notice this is not an attempt to be a fitness model, this is not a product of doing more and eating less, no gimmicks or crazy supplements, this is simply a product of eating and exercising smarter.

Yes we look good and feel good by approaching health fitness in a smarter way, very different than the fitness industry, simply because we are critical and not corrupted by what everyone else is doing, our approach is based in real science.

Yes this is just another random day at the intense health house taking a random picture with no preparation, no filter, no make up, no right lighting, just real people living their lives exercising for minutes, eat amazing food, fasting and black coffee for breakfast and taking a quick unprepared picture messing around on a Sunday morning…you want to prove me wrong? show me how you eat, how you exercise, show me your blood markers your energy levels and your body composition, i dare you to prove me a better solution…thats the intense health way of living…boom…drop the mic… 🙂

Andreia & Marcelo

Founders / Director of Intense Health clinic


Marcelo is the co-founder and Director of Exercise Physiology at Intense Health, Perth's #1 Private Strength Training and Nutrition Clinics.


Marcelo is the co-founder and Director of Exercise Physiology at Intense Health, Perth's #1 Private Strength Training and Nutrition Clinics.