Abs are made in the kitchen

In this festive season why not tell the truth about abdominal exercises and mid section improvements!




You can see all sorts of abdominal miracles out there in the fitness industry, tv, magazines and social media platforms…

Are all these people full of shi@#^*???

The honest answer for that question is: YES THEY ARE!

Every human walking around carries with him/her a 6pack mid section the only reason most of population cannot see their abs is simply accumulation of subcutaneous FAT. Bring any human to a very low % of body fat and boom 6pack abs.

Now the real question is:

Do we really need the damn 6pack mid section to be healthy ?

The honest answer to this question is: NO

What we really need is to be strong enough to perform in the daily tasks and recreational activities that we love, and there is where i separate proper exercise from activities simply because the stimulus of exercises when properly placed upon your organism will promote mechanical changes like fully functioning muscles, metabolic reactions, hormonal improvements, new mitochondria, and the benefits will go on and on, bones density, blood pressure normalisation and the benefits go on and on…

So why there is not more people getting all the benefits form proper exercise?

Maybe general population should stop looking for the quick fix solution, magic pill and should start paying attention in the evidence science research in regards REAL exercise stimulus…

Hey let’s be critical to the norm for a little bit:

  • Doctors recommend you to walk and be active and they call this exercise, is this option helping many people?
  • 12 weeks challenges – biggest looser style – 95% of the contestants of the show put the weight back on, and still are many gym’s around trying to replicate what i will call the worst way of trying to lose weight and be healthy. Come on, who can exercise 2hours per day and eat 800cal per day of bland and boring food? Maybe if you are in a tv show with millions watching and if you don’t do it you are a big “loser” but when it’s over can someone maintain the same program of training and eating as a lifestyle?
  • Government guidelines – There are so many meta analysis, studies comparing the guidelines of a Low fat diet with a totally contrary option LCHF – Low carb/ Healthy Fats/ moderate protein – And the option 2 LCHF always demonstrate better results in general health and weight loss.

And yet why? Why believe in what lead to the worst case scenario in obesity and metabolic syndrome ever experienced in all times since humans lived in this planet, why?

The honest answer for that question: MONEY

  • Edible products – not real food
  • The food industry brakes you and the pharmaceutical industry fixes you.

I am getting a bit off track here of exercise and abs but oh boy it’s all intercorrelated and to get the real picture that basically everything you grow up believing in regards exercise and nutrition is not delivering the results that we all want, you must be critical to the conventional wisdom.

Exercise must be done in a effective, efficient and safe manner (Quality over Quantity) and you should focus in guided nutrition based in real food. At Intense Health clinic a business created by two critical minds, we re educate individuals about what exercise really is and how we all can achieve outstanding results in minutes per week and in regards nutrition everyone is different and unique in all aspects of contemporaneous life; job, stress, sleep, hormonal environment, energy levels, blood markers… everything must be taken in consideration to develop a plan that works for YOU.


So, conclusion – Exercise for life – lifestyle – progression = RESULTS when your health is improving the 6pack abs will eventually be a consequence or not but hey, who cares, we are not models or fitness models we are real people. Find a professional to guide you towards to find the answers of what works for you in regards nutrition, someone that will get the time to get to know you before prescribe anything… If you never met a professional like that today is your lucky day:




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Marcelo & Andreia

Intense Health Directors




Andreia is the co-founder and Director of Nutrition and Dietetics at Intense Health, Perth's #1 Private Strength Training and Nutrition Clinics.


Andreia is the co-founder and Director of Nutrition and Dietetics at Intense Health, Perth's #1 Private Strength Training and Nutrition Clinics.