State-of-the-art Strength Training and Nutrition in the heart of the CBD. Lunch break friendly - only 20 minutes, twice a week.


The Intense Health method is designed to help individuals that work in corporate teams to feel their best and perform at their best.

For corporate executives and teams who are time-poor and focused on performance, Intense Health can provide a program that enables your teams to experience higher levels of productivity and health and wellbeing.


Even the busiest executive should be able to afford to allocate 20 minutes twice a week to improve their health, fitness and resultant productivity.

20 minutes twice a week is all it takes for an Intense Health training session. That’s the beauty of the Intense Health – you cannot afford to spend hours and hours in the gym – when you’re a busy executive.

Intense Health enables you and your team members to stay fit and healthy in a fraction of the time – so you can perform at an optimal level.


When you add to the key benefits that Intense Health Training and Nutrition provides to the individual and consider the additional benefits it offers in a corporate team environment, the evidence is indisputable. The return on investment is much greater than what it costs in time and money spent.

  • Full workout in only 20 minutes - lunch break friendly
  • Fewer sick days - individual and team
  • Higher productivity - individual and team
  • Better performance - individual and team
  • Higher employee loyalty
  • Better team morale
  • Better able to cope with stress


Our state of the art CBD clinic is located on Howard street and was specifically designed to help people with busy schedules get a quality workout no matter what.

Our proprietary exercise systems can help you and your staff to stay fit and alert under the most stressful situations and we invite you to talk to us about building a corporate program customised to suit the needs of your organisation.