Intense Health is paving the way for a new movement in the Health and Fitness Industry. We are firm believers in balance – none of us are perfect.

We simply want to work with people that see health and fitness as an avenue for improving their quality of life.

Our ideology is: Human. Remastered; our mission is to optimise the human potential.


Intense Health was created by husband and wife team Marcelo and Andreia Mesquita, in Perth, Western Australia. Marcelo and Andreia hail from Curitiba in Brazil – a city famous for being the best Brazilian city in which to live. They both decided in their teens to dedicate their lives to achieve and experience the best quality of life for themselves and to help others do the same. Marcelo then studied Physical Education for 5 years and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Training Specialisation. After 4 years of university study, Andreia graduated with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.


Fighting the stigma of the health and fitness industry, Interlude has been trialled and tested to achieve optimum quality, with reduced quantity. Through their personal experiences in the industry, the founders of Intense Health discovered the many pitfalls in conventional methods prevailing in this industry.

In an effort to challenge the way society understand health and fitness, Marcelo and Andreia developed a revolutionary new approach to training and nutrition- Interlude. Through combining innovative technologies, evidence based exercise and nutrition science, Intense Health delivers results that optimise human capabilities. This is embodied in our symbol, name and system.


The driving force behind our culture is the Intense Health Symbol. The letter ‘i’ represents the innovation of the Interlude system and the Intense focus and commitment required by an individual to achieve their goals and optimise health and performance.

This push to constantly innovate through the combination of training and nutrition is represented by the continual ‘i’ loop- this loop reflects the continually evolving nature of the Intense Health method combining Training and Nutrition in different proportions as per the needs of each individual.