Addictive behaviour – Why for some humans is so hard to eat healthy?


Human behaviour – Such an interesting topic with different aspects, is it ok to be addicted to positive and good things, right?


  • Addictive behaviour

It feels good! So, i should get more of it right? And what about when it feels good but you know it isn’t the best for you and you keep doing it over and over again. We as humans are all full of imperfections and it is what makes us very interesting, behaviour is a subject that really intrigues me in a sense that some individuals can achieve so much in areas that are absolutely hard or consider by most impossible but yet to brake something that could be classify as a simple pattern, they will struggle like there is no tomorrow.

I have this particular client that i couldn’t even start to describe how brilliant he is in his area and his logical, critical thinking skills are off the chart, by getting to know him for a more than 12 months and understanding a few of his patterns of behaviour i could gather that in this particular case the build of confidence and ability to get answers and solve problems in his field is his major enemy of allowing him to be vulnerable and accept help in a different area where he isn’t the expert. What i you get from him would be something like:

  • “It makes total sense, i will apply…”
  • to the point of – “It’s not rocket science, i know what i am doing…”

But yet, the self sabotage would stop him to get progression, get healthier, lose weight. Small addiction (consider by him), harmful, not harmful?

The addicting behaviour directed to what in his perspective is small, an area of not dominance, disregard. Ohhh,  wait a minute! That is my entrance to the breaking of the pattern which is stopping him to be successful in this area of his life. Over the years what i’ve learned by dealing with successful minds is that you have to be intense when this moment arrives, and i am honestly believe in my heart i am saving his life by approaching this way.

  • Health is the real Wealth – Let’s all agree that this statement is absolute true!

(Me to my client) Hey MR… How are your grandkids going?

(Client to me) Fine…?!@@# i can see in his face expression he is really going: wtf this crazy Brazilian is asking about my grand kids when i am here to exercise for 20 minutes.

(Me to my client) How much would you pay in the end of your life for 10 more years, watching them growing, playing with them, educating them, in the end what really matters is what we leave behind isn’t it? What you really going to leave behind other than your own genetics propaganding into the future, leaving their mark in their areas like you did in your profession, right? How much would you pay for that?

(Client to me) There is no price for that, i would give it all…

So, here is the kick! If you keep going with your nutritional addiction behaviour it won’t happen, simply won’t…  And there is no money in the world that you would be able to pay for the damage. But, you have the chance right now to break this pattern of addiction for something greater than yourself and i can promise you, that if you dedicate 12 months of your life to fully focus in your health you will get those precious 10 years to work in the most important aspect of you being on this planet. In the end of the day is up to you, but it will have to start with you admitting that you don’t know what you are doing at the moment, and that you need some help and guidance.

  • Attention please!

Yes, i got his attention, what is it that is more important for humans in general than the loved ones, family. Over my years working with a lot different humans with different addicting behaviour patterns, one thing i am certain of it is;

LOVE, is the most powerful tool to direct FOCUS and get the necessary attention required to change any area or aspect of your life.

What is it that we want the most?

Health is the real Wealth – and yes it looks and feels different for everyone, remember we are all unique and different but when it comes to what really matters one thing is certain to be the same for all of us… We are all INTENSE about it when it really matters!


Be intense!

Marcelo Mesquita


Marcelo is the co-founder and Director of Exercise Physiology at Intense Health, Perth's #1 Private Strength Training and Nutrition Clinics.


Marcelo is the co-founder and Director of Exercise Physiology at Intense Health, Perth's #1 Private Strength Training and Nutrition Clinics.