I totally respect and applaud the mindset of some people that don’t support horse races or any animal races for that matter, as a respect to animals that die, for no reason other than due to inflammation, overexercising, and overtraining, they sacrifice their life for an entertainment event…
They don’t have their own say on it… but what amazes me is when people don’t realise that supporting or even worse: that participating  for health purposes in different human events…athleticism, marathons, running for i don’t know what reason;

These events where people drop dead due to overtraining and overexercising putting a lot of stress in the human body?

And the ones that don’t die are just a ticking bomb for no reason?

Did you know that the majority of training and exercise routines out there do more harm than good?

Athletes not always are trained properly to promote good health while competing, but just this topic deserves a whole entire post and that is not my aim focus on this one…

This one i am talking to you!!!

You that have a full time job and is juggling your career, stress and a family; you a student at university, you a busy full time mom running everywhere with the kids and for your family, you a business owner running against time, you a retiree that have the time but not the health to exercise…

YOU, just a regular human trying to get through life with the least amount of pain and suffering and disease being accumulated…
Did you know that probably the way you train, (if not tailored by an exercise professional that is focused in making you living longer, healthier avoiding injuries) will age you faster, releasing free radicals and causing oxidative damage?

Making you overtrained overstressed and very inflamed?

Spending hours exercising which will burn off your muscle mass which will age you faster. Not protecting your bone density, your heart and your organs which definitely will be aging you faster! This is what the vast majority of people are bringing on themselves every single day when they go unassisted for that silly morning run or whatever crazy God knows what else they are doing and calling it “exercise”. Do you know the chances of dying younger and weaker could be a consequence from your chosen exercise activity? YES, that one! THE ONE YOU CHOSE TO MAKE YOU HEALTHIER!

That is the one that often times is killing you faster instead of making you healthier! And better, do you know how to still do the things you love but how to protect your health and lifespan in the process? Is not as easy as just getting up and doing it! You need assistance!

You spend money on material things and say you don’t have money to spend having an expert taking care of your body. How silly is that?

Every breath every minute spent on the planet, you should be taking care of your body, your vehicle.
Without your body being healthy you wont be able to enjoy your life pleasures, your precious material things are useless without you actually being “alive to used it” and without learning how to prevent disease using proper exercise you will probably end up crippled, diseased, spending a lot of money trying to fix something that is too far broken often times.

That is definitely waisted money for sure! If the money invested in having someone “sensible” guiding you on how to take better care of your body, is something you think you cannot afford, then sorry, your priorities in life are wrong. It should be every human priority, i am always gob smacked with the lack of knowledge of what proper exercise really is, and the lack of knowledge on how you could use smart exercise to help you to live a long happy life instead of being struggling with your weight and health which is what the majority of people do.

They either are not doing enough to keep their body strong and alive, or like majority; doing too much and too often, looking like a wounded animal just like this poor horses… But then hey, you have a choice!

Invest on your health, invest on you… nothing else matters… YOU ARE WORTH IT! I know you are!



Kind regards;

Andreia Mesquita

Intense Health


Andreia is the co-founder and Director of Nutrition and Dietetics at Intense Health, Perth's #1 Private Strength Training and Nutrition Clinics.


Andreia is the co-founder and Director of Nutrition and Dietetics at Intense Health, Perth's #1 Private Strength Training and Nutrition Clinics.