Are you getting the right nutrition advice? Don’t let food be your enemy.

What if the nutrition advice you were given since you were a child was wrong? 

Well if you think for a second on the entire body of evidence-based research, that one can put together, considering a high sugar diet “ the killer “ of modern society, and then just for one second, ask yourself how you did celebrate your first birthday in this planet? Yes, a pile of sugar called cake, soft drinks, sweet treats everywhere, if we wanted to add more sugar I don’t believe we could.

Lipid hypothesis, cholesterol, saturated fat = Work of Ancel Keys, (a scientist paid by the department of agriculture to teach “us” the belief system we have today. We have been demonising fat consumption based on research that was manipulated to demonstrate such a result.

Politics, agriculture department, food industry, government, every single critical thinker out there that put enough effort to find the answers in regards to nutritional guidelines, macronutrients and their role in our metabolism, will find the same common sense findings:

Sugars / Carbs = thanks for nothing.

The “experts” nutrition advice

Since we stopped eating fat we compensated eating more and more carbohydrates; (simple sugars) and what happened with our health in the last few decades? We started having diabetes type 2 in 9 months old; cancer is no longer discovered in later years of age, people are still having heart attacks despite their low or high cholesterol, but this number is increasing and increasing, a lot of people are getting fat and sick, if not walking dead.

Do you think the corporations that started this lucrative business of grains consumption as healthy food that are making billions of $, the pharmaceutic industry that sells the drug to fix the illness caused by high carb diets, do you think they will come in public and simply admit: Hey we were WRONG we’ve killed a lot of people in the process of creating multibillion-dollar organisations that support each other and support the government, and the government is responsible by funding the research supporting all this nonsense. If you are a researcher that disagree you get your funds suspended.

So do you get what I am saying… The “Experts” biochemists, physiologists, scientists that disagreed with the guidelines that we lived the majority of our lives believing to be correct (6 to 11 servings of grains per day); they were bullied to stay quiet, even when strongly disagreeing with the publication of such nonsense to us, the general population.

Since then, many critical thinkers have found the same guidelines nonsense and could not beat the big players.

Follow the money and you will always find all the answers.

A different way to think about food

What is the right nutrition advice you ask?

The people on this planet that lived the longest have the highest cholesterol levels. FACT

Small villages, tribes around the world that have no exposure to grains or added sugars, minimum carbohydrate intake in their diet, have no such a thing as cancers, diabetes, heart disease, dementia, autism, epilepsy, anxiety, chronic fatigue and the list goes on and on.

So should we, as humans eat what the “ experts “ inventors of the guidelines “ food pyramid “ tell us to eat, should we’ve been eating a high carb, high sugar diet?

Hell NO! And it’s up to YOU to change your fate.

Food is medicine, and it can be the slowest form of poison.

Guess what, by adjusting your diet you are preventing disease and promoting longevity, giving you a controlled natural hormonal environment, steady energy levels throughout the day, sharp focus (cognitive response), keeping you lean as you were designed to be, preserving muscle mass which plays a massive role in function ability.

Now, about exercising stay tuned for the next blog post on this page, when I’ll tell about exercising LESS and getting better results… are you sceptical about it? well, that’s all I can ask for!

Live intense;

Intense Health;

Focus in the moment.


Marcelo is the co-founder and Director of Exercise Physiology at Intense Health, Perth's #1 Private Strength Training and Nutrition Clinics.


Marcelo is the co-founder and Director of Exercise Physiology at Intense Health, Perth's #1 Private Strength Training and Nutrition Clinics.