Intense Health Personal Training Perth #1

Challenge yourself
to 20:3
at Intense Health!

20 minutes of training, 3 times a week in 2023.
It’s a fast-track to fitness, ideally suited to time-poor execs.
One-off special of 3 x 1:1 training sessions for $159.
Train at 1 of our 5 Perth locations.

Just 20 minutes? Really?

Really. We don’t waste your time.

Our approach combines sports science with technology, using the latest body scan and ARX machine technology to train you smarter, not harder.

Business owner, David, was sceptical too, until he started at Intense Health. He’s now lighter, fitter and healthier and can’t stop singing our praises.

Take a look at your diary today

We’d bet most of your meetings lasted far longer than 20 minutes. And yet, with the right focus, most of those meetings could have been shorter and just as effective.

We take that approach with exercise. You’re always supported by one of our trainers and they ensure you’re exercising efficiently for maximum results in the shortest space of time.

Intense Health safeguards your



Private, 1:1 training – no need to puff and sweat under the gaze of a roomful of gym junkies



Get results in record time – because you’re too busy to be devoted to the gym



Our short workouts give you a burst of energy and mental clarity that helps you perform at your best



Regular exercise and a healthy diet promotes good health – we make it easier to live well.

Meet the ARX machine

You won’t see anything like this in a regular gym.

The ARX machine uses patented Adaptive Resistance™ software and scientific principles to adjust weight and rep resistance in real time. It replaces frequent, long-winded gym sessions with an efficient workout that delivers the same results in less than half the time.

Create your chosen future

You’re great at strategic planning when you’re at work. You can see the risks and the opportunities. You create inspired action plans to minimise the former and maximise the latter.

But what about your own life? If you stay on your current course, what are you moving towards?

The risks of inaction

  • Expanding waistline
  • Declining energy
  • Health scares
  • Feeling old before your time
  • Disliking your appearance
  • Getting left behind
The risks of inaction

If you did your own strategic plan and identified risks like those, you’d take action now to change your future.

Do that. Choose something better and then work towards it with 20:3 in 2023.

The gains from 20:3

The gains from 20:3

  • Greater fitness
  • Feeling revitalised
  • Healthier weight
  • Loving how you look
  • Protecting your health
  • Eager for more of life

Watch Ben’s story

Structural engineer, Ben, didn’t want to feel like an old man at 42 – but he did. Intense Health enabled Ben to lose 18 kg of body fat, built muscle, and gain a whole new lease of life, giving him more energy for his young family.


Intense Health Clinics are the result of many years of research into training and nutrition to develop and refine programs that produce optimal results for the human body.

Our Interlude Methodology is a revolutionary new approach to training and nutrition that combines innovative technologies, evidence-based exercise and nutrition science. Our promotion of brief, infrequent, intense exercises is disrupting the fitness industry. 

Watch James’ story

The Intense Health system was built to keep you:

  • Responsible
  • Consistent
  • Highly motivated

It works. Just look at James. He’s been with us for 3 years. Running two businesses had taken its toll on his lifestyle. He was eating (and drinking) too much and couldn’t find time to exercise. He started exercising with us then began to work on his diet, dropping from 100 kg to 74 kg, which he says changed his entire life.

Feeling old, tired and jaded by unhealthy habits is no way to live.

We make you feel human again and give you back that sense of controlling your own destiny.

You’ll rediscover a sense of confidence in your body, your abilities and your future. You’ll remember what it’s like to feel good.


Due to the bespoke nature of these sessions, our expert personal trainers only have time for a limited number each month. Claim your place now or risk missing out!

Get our one-off special of 3 x 1:1 training sessions for $159 (Valued at $240)