Tom’s Intense Transformation

Tom’s transformation at Intense Health

Recently, I had coffee with one of our amazing clients, Tom, after his session at our Duncraig clinic. Tom has achieved phenomenal results in a short amount of time.

I’d heard of Tom’s amazing progress and achievements from others in the Intense Health team. Not only were our trainers adamant that I speak to Tom about how he constantly pushed himself in the chamber, our dietitian also insisted I have a chat with him about his unbelievable InBody scores. 

Meet Tom

Tom (42)  joined Intense Health in March of 2022 to really solidify the changes he wanted to make in his health and fitness journey. 

He’d tried many things before. Weighing 116 kg, Tom had an admirably strong self-image. His weight didn’t affect his mental state or deplete his security in himself. But he did know it was affecting his life and how others saw him. 

‘At the time, I actually did not care what I looked like. I was secure in who I was and did not need other people’s approval. I did, however, see a change in the way strangers treated me and the people around me were mentioning my weight.’

Tom was also facing a number of health issues like high blood pressure and borderline high cholesterol. ‘Sometimes I would come home after a busy day to the point where I was lying down using the massage gun on the soles of my feet in pain.’

His weight was affecting his family life too. His daughter loved hugs but couldn’t get her arms around him, and his son was easily outrunning him on the soccer field. 

Tom had already tried various strategies to lose weight. He’d joined an unaccompanied gym and tried the vegan diet. In his experience, they worked well initially but not long term. 

‘I was doing circuit training for a little bit which worked well, but 45-minute sessions just didn’t work for me. I also injured myself, which pushed back my journey even more. I ended up injuring my shoulder doing an unaccompanied shoulder press. I also did the vegan diet for a long time but it just wasn’t effective.’

Then Tom joined Intense Health. 

Why did Tom pick Intense Health Clinics over a conventional gym?

Tom told me that one of the things he loves about Intense Health is the dual strategy of training and nutrition – something you do not get with a normal gym or fitness centre.

Tom was balancing a busy business life with a family of 5. Intense Health’s 20-minute training sessions were perfect for his lifestyle.

Our close-knit team love training and working with Tom because of his dedication, accountability and his honesty.  

Tom is extremely grateful for the support he has received, constant motivation and countless hours of knowledge he has gained from the team, including:

  • Marcelo Mesquita (Founder of Intense Health)
  • Karina Porto for her amazing and motivating nutrition catch up videos
  • All the other trainers who constantly motivate him, push him towards new benchmarks and are always friendly and maintain constant professionalism.

How has Tom’s life improved since working with Intense Health?

Tom feels his journey has improved many different spheres of his life. 

He feels stronger, happier, and healthier. His time with his children feels more valuable and everything just feels more rewarding. Work has improved too. ‘I think now I have more mental clarity which aids in a number of things,’ he said. 

One big improvement is that Tom can now keep up with his young kids in their sports and recreational activities, which he could not previously do.

‘I think one main moment in my journey that made it all worth it was my daughter finally being able to hug me and wrap her arms around me. This was something she could never do before.’

These are the results that matter most to clients. But it’s often a great encouragement to measure other results too. Let’s take a look. 

The Results

Intense Health clients have full access to all our InBody body composition machines. Tom was very consistent with analysing his body’s changes and we were able to make adjustments accordingly to both his fitness and nutritional journey.

Within 9 months of joining Intense Health, Tom lost 26.6 kg – that’s about 3 kg a month!

Tom still managed to retain all of his muscle and only experienced a 0.6 kg decrease in skeletal muscle mass despite losing all that weight. He also saw a decrease in all of his segmental circumferences (circumference around each body part) with the greatest results coming from his abdomen and hip area.

Tom now looks significantly leaner and appears stronger. 

This is because a large proportion of Tom’s weight loss came from ‘visceral fat’ (stomach and belly fat). So how did he retain and gain muscle on all his other body parts but manage to lose so much weight around his midsection?

We strategically placed Tom on a dual strategy of a ‘high protein, low carbohydrate diet’ in tandem with ‘High-intensity INTERLUDE strength training’. This strategy was extremely effective with Tom and all of our other clients in building muscle whilst simultaneously losing body fat.

What about you? 

Can you keep up with your kids? Do you have the energy and clarity to do well at work? Are you concerned about your health and longevity? 

If so, please sign up for a free trial at Intense Health. Our program takes just 20 minutes twice a week but deliver’s amazing results like Tom’s. 

Isaac Baulch