Do you have the right focus? Here’s why you should prioritise health in your life…

Is this question surprising to you or is it a seemingly almost automatic reply for most I would believe, yes, because without good health considering “good health” the lack of pathology/ disease a basic requirement of quality of life…


“No citizen has the right to be an amateur in a matter of physical training, what a disgrace is for a man/woman to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength which his/hers body is capable”

– Socrates 300/BC

300 hundred years before Christ Socrates the philosopher wrote the quote above, it is not from the last century or so that humans have a complete understanding of how an individual’s life will change once body & mind evolves.

Have you ever saw a fit, healthy individual saying I regretted this journey and I much rather be unfit, obese and facing the route of disease? NO!

When starting a health journey what is it that ticks for some humans and some others struggled and get stuck in phase one blaming the methodology or the unfair genetic, the very seemingly almost automatic reply… it does not work for me. 

Let me just point out that after more than 20 years involved in the fitness industry seeing all kinds of different approaches to exercise and nutrition I will make now an affirmation, everything works!

What does not work is the self sabotage limiting believes implied in the subconscious mind that is ultimately controlling your body’s biochemistry, hormones and in full reality, your decisions.

Some individuals do not need exercise and nutrition strategies but yes a professional that can help them unlock some of those thinking patterns but not practitioners in exercise and nutrition and yes a therapist or a Psychologist.

A HEALTH practitioner will prescribe you the strategy required for your lifestyle so you can achieve your goals, the responsibility to take action and follow through is only and all yours. Most times is not rational to admit that something within yourself is holding you back, it is no one else’s fault because this very act (saying is not working or it does not work for me) is somewhat irrational, even tho I’ve helped many humans to be lean, strong, healthy, productive and happier, I or any other practitioner I know have the power to act in your behalf.

Here are my suggestions for prioritising health in your life:

Get your priorities right! Decisions are made in a second but without massive action they are just a mere thought. 

When someone quits a strategy saying: “Oh, it wasn’t for me” / “Oh, it didn’t work for me” I am sorry but it is not true. It just wasn’t a priority!

If you don’t see exercise, and (not being perfect with nutrition) but yes trying your genuine best, you will die younger than what you are supposed to and now that there is no pathologic issues it’s easier to reply, I don’t care… but I assure you once in a bed suffering the consequences “regret thinking” will hit you like an atomic bomb and that time there will be no turning back and changing your priorities so change it now while you can and live life at your best with no regrets.

You only have one life, one chance!

I am writing today not only for my sake and my practices/ team but for all practitioners out there to share away this content and if some one reads and realises that one is full of irrational excuses and it is the only one who can look inwards with a rational thinking of making the health journey ahead a bloody priority it will make me very happy.

Don’t quit simply adjust the course and keep going and if you cannot commit to it you might need professional help (Therapist/ Psychologist) to unblock psychological issues that have nothing to do you the exercise regime or nutritional plan you are on.

When it comes to your HEALTH don’t be soft, be INTENSE!



Marcelo is the co-founder and Director of Exercise Physiology at Intense Health, Perth's #1 Private Strength Training and Nutrition Clinics.

Marcelo is the co-founder and Director of Exercise Physiology at Intense Health, Perth's #1 Private Strength Training and Nutrition Clinics.