5 simple reasons why private training gets better results than going to the gym by yourself (with examples)

5 simple reasons why private training gets better results than going to the gym by yourself!

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1 – Accountability.

Tell me if you never woke up knowing that you should get up and workout but actually never happened?

It is very common for general population, full time workers, business owners, entrepreneurs or busy executives to find themselves on that scenario. If you are currently paying a bargain for a year in gym membership, that one sleep in and not working out won’t change much right…

In fact in order to keep improving or maintain your physicality/ health in check, consistency is king.

So, having an appointment that you are investing, scheduled on that same morning with a professional waiting for you in a complete private environment, more likely would change your decision making process after the alarm goes off.

2 – Having an Expert guiding you thru the workout.

Private training means no one around, just you and the expert inside of the training room. 

Complete FOCUS on the task ahead where the expert will be:

  • teaching you;
  • watching you, (form); 
  • correcting you if needed; 
  • spotting you to get the final repetitions that really count; 
  • motivating you when you are not feeling like it;

I believe all the above are sufficient good reason to have a one-on-one private Expert guiding you thru each workout. But on top of that there are several studies that have showed and compare supervised training and non supervised training and in every study supervised individuals get better results, not even mentioning the risks involved in trying to figure it out what to do in the gym on your own.

3 – Temperature controlled.

Did you know that sweating is just the cooling mechanism of your body and has no positive relation with exercise benefits?

In fact there is a strong body of research that has showed that exercising in cold temperature would be ideal for keeping yourself calm not overheating and keeping the intensity of effort high which is the key element of your body’s stimulating positive adaptations (Results). Any form of exercise is a form of stress to the body/physiology, overheating while exercising is adding another element of stress to the equation and your body might be sending “stop” signals for your brain because it doesn’t like to change it’s normal temperature.

Ideal Temperature for a productive workout should be around 16 to 18degrees and in a private environment is far easier to get the temperature of the training room down quickly allowing you to not overheat/ no sweat/ and keeping the focus on the target muscles.

4 – Quantifying your efforts and recording data for adjustments and further progress.

Exercise in order to be effective must be progressive.

Private training system is design to collect data from all your efforts in each and every workout not only displaying the actual progress but knowing the right adjustments necessary to progress happening over time. 

  • Repetitions
  • Tempo (speed cadence)
  • Load (weights)
  • Force output 
  • Intensity 
  • Volume & Frequency
  • Periodisation  
  • Recovery 

All elements above being really important part of a comprehensive private training program. Trying to do all by yourself in the gym will take you longer time learning and executing properly, if you have all customised for you all you need to bring is you best effort.

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5 – If you don’t measure and track you don’t know where you are going, finding tune as you go. 

A comprehensive private training system should have a accurate form of body composition assessment in oder to guarantee your goals are being met. 

  • Calliper (pinch test)
  • Fit3D Scanners
  • Bodpods
  • Dexa scans  

The last one Dexa Scan might be the best more accurate one but just be aware that if you want to keep monthly check ups you might have to consider an option with no radiation exposure. In a private training system you must be able to visualise the body fat% going down or lean muscle tissue going up, this numbers and visual tools are a great motivational weapon to keep you accountable in achieving and maintaining you goals.

If you are going to the gym but not measuring and tracking, you don’t know where you are going, period.   

If you don’t have all the elements above calculated and organised for you but you see value and benefits of having a customised system, apply now for a free trial at Intense Heath and experience the difference and the cost is the same as your local PT in your local gym. 

Intense Health is introducing the best of technology & evidence based science to deliver quality results in a premium and private training system.


We will see you inside of the training chamber. 

Intense Health Team



Marcelo is the co-founder and Director of Exercise Physiology at Intense Health, Perth's #1 Private Strength Training and Nutrition Clinics.

Marcelo is the co-founder and Director of Exercise Physiology at Intense Health, Perth's #1 Private Strength Training and Nutrition Clinics.