How Does Will Your Intense Health Journey Work?

Ever wondered how your health and fitness journey goes with Intense Health? Let’s find out in this article.

40-minute Private Nutritional Consultation

Good nutrition is essential to our bodies to sustain good health and wellbeing. It is essential that you make time in your busy lifestyle to provide your bodies with the right amounts of nutrients for good health! However, we understand it can be difficult and confusing to know how exactly to do this. How do you find the right mix of energy, protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals to live, grow and function properly?

As part of your welcome package, you will receive a private nutritional consultation session with Andreia (our Director of Dietetics and a pioneer in low carb nutrition in Perth). Andreia will personally work with you one-on-one to get to know you, your current diet and your goals.

This session is designed to understand your motivations, constraints in your life and other hurdles that might inhibit your progress towards a healthier, more energetic “you”. We will identify everything that is currently stopping you from achieving the progress you deserve.

By taking the time to understand you, Andreia can carefully develop specific nutritional guidance and a roadmap that will ensure you take action and stick to it. Your ‘yo-yo’ dieting and relapses in optimum nutrition will occur much less frequently, and eventually these will disappear altogether.

The result? A new you. A stronger you. A more energetic body that not only looks great but operates at peak performance, with clarity of thought and a new lease on life. You’ll be ready to conquer any obstacle in your way with confidence, purpose and intention.   

3 Hour Nutrition Masterclass

Intense Health’s 3-hour Nutritional Masterclass is an immersive educational experience where you will learn how your body really works on the inside, and what you can do to optimise your nutrition to reach your specific goals.

We know how difficult it can be to maintain a healthy diet (especially one that isn’t boring!) That’s why we developed the entire Masterclass to be customised to your requirements and delivered by Andreia in a private setting, with a specific focus on empowering you with the knowledge and motivation you need to eat right and fuel your body with healthy food forever.

This is an opportunity for you to learn how your body’s natural fuel stores function, and how to effortlessly maintain a healthy and diverse diet for maximum energy and clarity of mind.

At the end of the session, you will have a deep understanding of how to choose food wisely in any scenario and be empowered to avoid the things you know you shouldn’t be eating. Most of all, you’ll learn to have fun with food and never have to settle for a boring diet again.

InBody Body Composition Scan

At Intense Health, we’ve invested in some of the most advanced technology in the world when it comes to measuring and tracking your body’s physiology over time. Not only do we do this with our exclusive ARX machines (more on that below), but this also extends to the InBody – Scanners we use in all our clinics. The InBody Scanner is a state-of-the-art system which takes millimeter-exact measurements of your body’s morphology and produces a detailed 3D model.

Once you’ve had a scan in the InBody Scanner, you can clearly track detailed measurements on body shape, weight, balance and posture over time to see how your body is changing and adapting to our nutrition and training processes.

One of the great things captured in detail using this scanner is your posture. As you know, good posture keeps your bones and joints in good alignment and reduces wear and tear on joint surfaces. It also decreases the stress on ligaments and improves the efficiency of oxygen flow to your nervous system, organs and other tissues. Optimising your posture will not only give you more confidence, but it can help prevent future health issues like spinal disk problems and constricted blood vessels and nerves, not to mention that good posture also improves digestion and reduces acid reflux because it enables organs to sit in their natural position without compression.

Expert Caliper Skinfold Assessment.

At Intense Health, we believe in making scientific, data-driven decisions. With the right information we are able to track your progress in detail.

Not only do you get a detailed body composition scan in our InBody machines, but we also do regular skinfold measurements using high-tech scientific Skyndex calipers, renowned worldwide for their accuracy.

The caliper skinfold measurements are expertly performed by Andreia, our Director of Dietetics and careful attention is paid to ensuring these measurements are taken at exactly the same locations on your body, each and every time.

All of this information is compiled and stored in your private file, so we can analyse it and make improvement recommendations specifically for you and your unique physicality.

Combining these caliper tests with the InBody scans gives you an unprecedented insight into your body, highlights key areas for focusing attention on and demonstrates exactly how your body is getting fitter, healthier and stronger following our training and nutrition programs.

Shopping list and real food recipe book.

At Intense Health we are passionate about giving you the tools you need to make healthy living a way of life. Keeping your body in peak shape should be effortless, and that’s why you will also receive a detailed shopping list and recipe book that will help you to easily integrate your new diet into your lifestyle.

Unlike other nutritional consultants you may have worked with in the past, we not only tell you what to do to achieve the results, but we understand that it can be difficult to know how to do it. Our detailed shopping list and the recipe book we’ll provide you with, will take all the thinking out of deciding what to eat, and give you a realistic and actionable plan for success.

We believe in “real-food” nutrition and in fueling your body with the right combination of nutrients as nature intended it, without the need for supplements or other artificial substances. No processed foods, no gimmicks. Your body is an amazing machine, and with the right knowledge, guidance, education and supporting tools you will quickly feel the benefits of fueling your body the way it was designed.

When you become a client, you will also enjoy the following benefits at no extra cost:

  • Unlimited FitBody body composition scans, so you can track your progress and results as often as you like.
  • Unlimited nutritional “fine tune” sessions, helping to review, adjust and optimise your diet for long-lasting results.
  • Unlimited on-demand support and guidance about your nutrition and lifestyle, to help you get through any relapses and hiccups along your journey.

Now, let’s talk about Fitness and Strength Training

At Intense Health we have exclusive access to the world’s most advanced Strength Training machines called “ARX” – Adaptive Resistance Exercise.

Training sessions at Intense Health only takes 20 minutes, twice a week and will allow you to tone up, build lean muscle and build a healthy, strong body in minimal time compared with any other form of strength training that exists in the market today.

Our climate controlled clinics are designed to be exclusive, private and all fitness sessions are one-on-one. We are not a traditional gym or health club, but instead a highly specialised facility, uniquely capable of guaranteeing results for our clients through the use of state-of-the-art technology and a rock-solid scientific approach to strength training.

When you train with us you will be using the same exercise technology used by Tony Robbins, Dave Asprey (Bulletproof Coffee), Ben Greenfield and the NHL.

When you become a client at Intense Health, not only will you receive customised nutrition and exercise plans tailored to you and your unique goals, but you will also experience our unique and exclusive approach to fitness explained above, using our ARX Machines and the other state-of-the-art equipment we have in our clinics.

We call our methodology the “Interlude” system. All your training effort is quantified and displayed on a graph, so you can see exactly how strong you are and how you are improving over time.

We are the only training facility in Australia that can give you this insight into your performance, thanks to our exclusive partnership with ARX Fit and the advanced Adaptive Resistance Exercise technology use in our systems.

You have to experience this for yourself to really understand how powerful this type of real-time feedback is at encouraging you to give your best effort in every session. When you do, you’ll experience your true potential and our clients are often surprised at how much they improve their strength and fitness levels.

But we don’t expect you to just take our word for it. We know you might be sceptical about our claims, so we invite you to give us a call or book a free trial and experience our approach for yourself at no obligation. We want to earn your trust and let you experience these benefits for yourself so you can make up your own mind – our team of experts is standing by, ready to show you the whole process, step by step. .

How are we different?

Your body is one of the most amazing machines you’ll ever own, but just like a car, it requires regular maintenance and the right type of fuel to continue to perform at maximum potential. Just like a car, when it comes to your body it is important to maintain a healthy level of lean muscle tissue for your overall health and wellness.

Unfortunately, when it comes to our musculoskeletal system, it’s a case of “use it or lose it”, as you body’s lean muscle mass naturally diminishes with age.

If you don’t do anything to replace the lean muscle you lose over time, you’ll likely increase the percentage of fat in your body. Fat is less “metabolically expensive” to maintain in your body than muscle tissue, so this scenario can quickly snowball out of control if you don’t do something to stop it.

Here’s an example: If a person with lots of muscle tissue eats the same amount of food as a person with diminished muscle, the former would naturally burn those calories to keep the muscle alive and maintain a lean body composition. The latter would not burn as much of those calories and continue to store the excess energy away as yet more body fat. The result is a never-ending cycle of struggles with weight loss, not to mention the frustration of yo-yo dieting, unhealthy restrictions in food intake, potential bone density issues, chronic fatigue, pain and a foggy mind.

No-one deserves to live like this!

Luckily there is an answer to this situation: Strength Training.

As we explained above, the reason Strength Training is so effective at helping you to shape your body and tone up is because lean muscle increases your metabolism. It takes more energy to keep muscle alive than fat, so your body will naturally use energy more effectively and store less of it in fat cells.

Implementing a regular program of strength training that targets all the key muscle groups in your body will help you preserve and enhance your muscle mass as you get older, and reverse this process to give you a metabolically advanced body that efficiently uses the food you eat.

Not only will you look great, but you’ll feel the difference in all other aspects of your life.

In addition to the obvious physical improvements (toned body, healthy skin, mental clarity) that Strength Training provides, there is also strong scientific evidence that indicates strength training helps with:

  • Chronic condition management. Strength training can reduce the signs and symptoms of many chronic conditions, such as anxiety, arthritis, back pain, obesity, heart disease, depression and diabetes.
  • Clear and sharp thinking. Some research suggests that regular strength training and aerobic exercise may help improve thinking and learning skills for older adults.
  • Enhanced quality of life. Everything you normally do will be done better and with less effort if you cultivate a strong body. Building muscle helps to improve your ability to balance and move your body around, which in turn reduces your risk of injury.
  • Strong bones. Low force high intensity training helps to prevent complications due to demineralisation of your bones and osteoporosis. Your muscles act as protection for your bones, keeping them securely connected to each other, and shielded from impact. The more healthy muscle you develop around your bones, the less likely you are to suffer these complications.
  • Weight management. As we mentioned above, strength training can help you manage or lose weight, as it increases your metabolism to help you burn more calories naturally without stress and effort.

Now that you understand the importance of Strength Training, we’ll explain how this is done at Intense Health.

In order to build and maintain this new muscle in your body, your brain needs to receive a signal to do so. This signal is sent to your brain when your muscles reach a point of “momentary muscle failure” (MMF). This is the point at which you physically can’t lift another weight or do another repetition of the exercise and your muscles feel like they’re shutting down. If you can successfully reach this point, then your brain will get the signal to prepare for next time, and synthesize new muscle tissue as a result.

So how do we reach this point? Well, in order to reach MMF, typically you would see people lift all sorts of weights in the gym (we call these weights “free weights” or “weight stacks”).

As you can imagine, it may take any number of repetitions of lifting these weights before you tire out your muscles sufficiently to send your brain the signal to “make more muscle!”. This takes a lot of time, is uncomfortable and generally the reason why you don’t go to the gym often enough, and even when you do, you don’t work hard enough to reach this point.

So whilst this traditional approach of lifting free weights can be effective, the problem is that it is highly inefficient and can be downright dangerous.

Imagine holding a 5kg weight with your arms straight above your head, versus holding the same weight with your arms stretched out directly in front of you.

You can imagine that you’d be able to hold the weight above your head for a lot longer period of time than when you hold it out directly in front of your body, right?

This introduces the problem faced with traditional free weight exercises. Your muscles are capable of exerting different torque forces at various angles throughout the range of motion of your repetitions. If the weight doesn’t change accordingly, you’ll find certain parts of the repetition “easier” than other parts, and it will take longer to fatigue your muscles to the point of MMF as result.

Therefore, traditional free weight exercises can be inefficient because it takes many repetitions before you reach the point of fatigue.

Another aspect of free weight training is that it can be dangerous. If your body only gets a signal to produce more muscle when that muscle is fatigued, then it means that you might reach that point of fatigue when the weight you’re lifting is likely to fall on your head, exposing you to a risk of injury. Thus, you are less likely to push your body to the limit because if you did, you’d risk injuring yourself. In addition, you need to move your joints many times through many repetitions, with free weights, which can wear them out as time passes (just like the hinge on a car door).

Lastly, with free weight training it is difficult to get an accurate measurement of your effort and how you are getting stronger over time. With free weights there is nothing tracking the exact force you’re exerting on the weight, so you’re left guessing and counting ‘reps’ instead of force output.

And this is exactly where we’re different from anything else you’ve seen before.

At Intense Health we have exclusive access to the world’s most advanced Strength Training machines called “ARX” – Adaptive Resistance Exercise.

Unlike normal weight-stack / free-weight based training, the ARX machines we use are designed specifically to adapt to every person’s unique strength curve across the entire range of motion during a repetition.

There are no free weights in these machines, but instead they have a very strong motor in them with a force-measuring sensor. This motor is attached to various attachments that we can set up for different exercises, and when you’re exerting force against the motor, it tracks and documents the exact amount of force you’re exerting at every millisecond that you use the machine.

Because the machine uses a motor, and not a fixed weight, it can adapt to make the exercise more difficult at various stages of your repetition, so that you don’t waste any time on ‘easy’.

This ensures that each and every second of every repetition is performed at you muscle’s maximum potential for that angle, and the result is that it takes only a fraction of repetitions compared with free weights, to reach the point of MMF and signal your brain to produce more muscle.

We will see YOU, inside of the Training Chamber!

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Marcelo is the co-founder and Director of Exercise Physiology at Intense Health, Perth's #1 Private Strength Training and Nutrition Clinics.


Marcelo is the co-founder and Director of Exercise Physiology at Intense Health, Perth's #1 Private Strength Training and Nutrition Clinics.