5 Simple Reasons Why Private Training is Better Than A Personal Trainer or Going To The Gym Alone

So you’ve finally decided to get back into fitness, but perhaps you’re not sure 🤔 if you should choose a group membership, join a gym, train privately or get a personal trainer? Well whether your goal is to tone up for summer, lose baby weight or you just want to feel more energised and strong to achieve your daily tasks, one thing is for certain:

It’s going to take hard work!

… And since there is a lot of hard work involved, you’ll also want to make sure your time invested gets results as efficiently as possible. Right?


You’ve got a few options to approach this.

On one hand, you could get a regular bargain gym membership and rely on your own knowledge of physiology to create the best training system.

On the other hand, you could trust in the expertise of someone who studied it at the highest level – and who has worked in the field for decades to help people get in shape, improve their confidence and get their bodies back in a safe and effective way.

You’ve probably figured out from the article’s title that we lean toward the latter, and in the following, we’ll present our reasons why we believe private training is much more effective at getting the results you want for your body than merely gunning it alone at the gym.

Let’s go!


Have you ever woken up in the morning, planning to work out or go for a jog, but killed the snooze button and allowed the day to roll past, only to later realise that you never went? C’mon.. be honest now 🙃

Sometimes we even tell* ourselves “It’s OK, I’ll do it tomorrow”.

Don’t feel too bad. It is a common challenge for everyone — whether it’s because of long days working full time, family commitments, the stress that comes from running your own business, challenges and uncertainty of entrepreneurship or even the constant demands placed on you as an executive…

One thing is for certain – finding the motivation for consistent exercise can be a challenge, and without accountability from a third party it’s very easy to “do it tomorrow” instead.

If you are currently paying discounted rates for a yearly gym membership, you may also figure that sleeping in once or twice won’t change much.

And whilst that’s true from a financial point of view, the impact on your body is a very different story.

Improving your physicality and health requires consistency. It requires dedication and ongoing investment in the greatest piece of equipment you’ll ever own – your body. Remember – you only get one!

One of the easiest ways to build this discipline is to change your environment around you so that you have no excuses. You systematically eliminate everything that’s holding you back from achieving your goals.

A scheduled appointment with a professional trainer in a private environment – one that will keep you accountable – will change your decision-making after the alarm sounds and get you moving, ready for the day ahead.

An expert can guide you through the workout

Private training means you can work out on your own time, and with no one around to distract you from reaching your goals. No noise, no gym junkies looking at you whilst you train – just you and your expert trainer in a dedicated space where your goals are the only things that matter.

At Intense Health we’ve designed our training clinics to be private. Many gyms claim to have “private training” but what they actually mean is “personal training”. Don’t be fooled by this.

Here’s a test: If you can see anyone else other than your trainer when you exercise, then it is not private training.

At Intense Heath it’s just you and your expert trainer in our training clinic. The complete focus is on you and your form when training, to ensure you safely perform every action to your maximum possible effort. Our trainers have an intimate understanding of the human body and will show you the best ways to avoid overstressing your joints and muscles.

Every exercise in your customised routine is carefully monitored, objectively tracked and your progress measured in numbers. The data, together with our instruction will provide the motivation you need when you are lacking the will.

We’ve done it over 50,000 times and we know what works to get you the best results possible.

Temperature control

Sweating is just the cooling mechanisms of your body at work, but many also think working up a sweat equates to a good workout, when sweating has no long-term effect on fitness.

In fact, there is a strong body of research that suggests exercises in cold temperatures are ideal to avoid overheating and maintaining high intensity, which is the key element for your body to stimulate positive adaptations and get results.

Any form of exercise is a form of stress to your physiology. Overheating while exercising adds yet another element of stress to the equation, and your body might send ‘stop’ signals to your brain because it resists changes to its normal temperature.

The result? You’ll give up much sooner than you are actually capable of, only because your body is overheating, and this means you’ll need to rest more often and spend more time exercising for less results.

The ideal temperature for a productive workout should be around 18 degrees Celsius.

At Intense Health, we’ve done just that. Our training clinics are climate-controlled to the exact specifications to avoid your body overheating and creating excessive sweat, keeping the focus on the target muscles.

To our knowledge there is no other gym or fitness studio in the world that has gone to this amount of effort to create the perfect environment for training efficiently, and believe it or not, it is the reason why you don’t really sweat when you train with us.

We know it sounds weird! We invite you to come and try us out for a free trial to experience it for yourself and feel the difference.

Quantifying your efforts and recording data for adjustments and further progress

Exercise must be progressive to be effective. When you’re part of a group, doing a workout by yourself or even with a personal trainer that doesn’t have access to the right technology, it’s almost impossible to track your progress scientifically.

On the other hand, private training systems such as the ones we use at Intense Health, are designed to collect data from your efforts in each workout, display your progress in real-time and allow you to continuously tweak and control adjustments specific to your needs. You can even see your past progress on the monitor and ‘chase’ your past performance.

Therefore, unlike anything else, a professional trainer in a private environment can work with you to adjust any of these elements to increase the effectiveness of your workout:

  • Repetitions
  • Tempo (speed cadence)
  • Load (weights)
  • Force output
  • Intensity (the amount of time your muscles are operating at peak performance)
  • Volume & Frequency
  • Periodization (systemic planning)
  • Recovery

All of these are an important part of a comprehensive private training program. Trying to go it alone in the gym could take you much longer without the experience and training of a professional.

At Intense Health all your exercises are customised by an expert based on your unique goals. Your performance is tracked and quantified using our exclusive ARX training systems and 3D Fit Scanners.

All you need to bring is the commitment and effort to reach your goals.

Measuring, monitoring, and tracking

In a group setting or exercising by yourself, it can be difficult to measure changes to your body shape accurately. Even a personal trainer on the gym floor will often not have the time or skill to accurately take measurements that you can rely on (and be prepared to pay extra for that!).

A comprehensive private training system should have an accurate form of body composition assessment to show when and how your goals are met. A private trainer will have the experience to spot body changes, but better yet, they will also employ any of these modern methods to assess your status:

  • Caliper (pinch test)
  • Fit3D Scanners
  • Bodpods
  • Dexa scans

(Be advised: Dexa Scan might be the most accurate one, but they are x-rays, so you might want to consider an option without radiation risk if you plan on frequent checks.)

In a private training system, you should be able to visualise the body fat percentage going down because that means lean muscle tissue is going up.

Visual tools like these in the hands of private trainers can be effective motivational weapons against complacency, and at Intense Health, the caliper testing and Fit3D Scans are included in every package, for every one of our clients (not to mention the expert nutritional guidance to support you).

Experience the Intense Health Difference

Deciding to hit the gym is a big step toward taking control of your physical well-being.

The act of changing into workout clothes, putting on headphones, and zoning out on a machine can be therapeutic in the short term and help you to live a long healthy life.

However, all high-energy workouts aren’t necessarily effective workouts, and many amateur athletes risk injury and loss of motivation due to inconsistent results when going it alone.

To keep yourself safe and focused, a customized training program is the most direct solution.

With Intense Health, you can experience the same training benefits we covered in this article without the extravagant fees and scheduling obligations of hiring a trainer at the local gym. We go beyond just convenience and accessibility, though, using the latest in fitness technology and evidence-based results to deliver effective private training systems.

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* The experienced amongst us might also add “.. and this time, I mean it!”



Marcelo is the co-founder and Director of Exercise Physiology at Intense Health, Perth's #1 Private Strength Training and Nutrition Clinics.

Marcelo is the co-founder and Director of Exercise Physiology at Intense Health, Perth's #1 Private Strength Training and Nutrition Clinics.