Men’s Health week, so MAN UP about your health!

It’s men’s health week and it’s time to man up about your health!

While I am not writing on behalf of everyone here, I am targeting those successful minds that are critical enough to accept that there is no such thing as failure. Results, even if they might not be the results you were looking for empowering you to learn from them, make necessary adjustments and move forward. There’s no such thing as failure, just outcomes!

Always aspire for progress!

If you are one of those people who are comfortable in yourself and don’t strive to make any progress in your health, business, personal life……..get off this page, you are in the wrong place! Talking about men’s health for me is understanding that the majority of us simply don’t have what it takes to be fit, healthy, happy and productive. I am seeking like-minded men that do have what it takes, the ones that will live life at its peak performance will have the best cognitive response, the ones that are willing to be metabolically advanced, the INTENSE and SMART ones. If you are reading this and thinking ‘I want to join you and ride with the best’ then I want to speak with you! My business was created for people like you, the ones that won’t settle down for less!

I see a lot of men with the right mindset for different aspects of life but when it comes to their health they are always postponing or putting their health of the bottom of their the list of priorities. They always have a multitude of excuses like:
· “Oh I work so hard that I deserve a few beers with my buddies at the pub”
· “It’s so hard”
· Or the most classic one: “I have to live a little”

Let me be the one to tell you that you are right if you keep up with this mindset you will only LIVE A LITTLE.

Listen, if you have ever achieved something in your life you know that every goal achieved was initiated with a simple thing; a DECISION!
Fact, when you decided that you will get there, I CAN, I WILL, nothing will stop you, you will figure out a way, you will adjust and you may fail. However, failure isn’t an option when you want something bad enough so you will learn, adjust, set course and go. The science of achieving its 80% phycology and 20% mechanics. Understand that saying to yourself: “I am trying my best” just isn’t good enough! In regards to your health, you have to make a decision. Think for a second how individuals stop smoking; they make a decision and tell themselves “I am not a smoker anymore, I QUIT AND I WILL NEVER SMOKE AGAIN!”

What happens with the ones that say:
· “I am dropping slowly”
· “I am decreasing the number of cigarettes I smoke every day”
· “I am trying”
Trying is not good enough my friend, so man up about your health! I have been working in the fitness industry for the last 20 years. I have supervised more than 40,000 workouts as a personal trainer and I am absolutely passionate about physical education. My wife Andreia (a dietician) and I built a business out of our passion that is guiding people to be the best version of themselves. We were told many times in the past that we were crazy and we wouldn’t make it. Why do you think we are running through all the obstacles or so-called “problems” ahead of us? We’ve made a decision to save lives in the most effective, efficient and safe way! Give me 10 problems and I will find 100 solutions while having fun in the process!

“No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training, what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without even seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable”


I have this quote on the wall of my clinic, I talk the talk and I walk the walk…….I have dedication, commitment and responsibility in my life journey because I know I am here for a reason. So yes, talking about Men’s health week I have to say; man up about your health, man up and make the decision.

Man up, walking won’t make you stronger!

Man up, distance running will make you lose muscle mass and lowers your testosterone levels! Distance running is a highly catabolic exercise, that is, it breaks down muscle and other lean tissue, both because your failing to use muscles other than those in the legs and because of high cortisol levels (a catabolic steroid hormone) which occur during long stretches of exercise. As opposed to this strength training is anabolic, building up. The effect of distance running on testosterone levels has been termed the “exercise hypogonadal male condition”. “An increasing number of investigative research studies point to participate in endurance exercise training as having significant detrimental effects upon reproductive hormonal profiles in men. Specifically, men chronically exposed to this type of exercise training exhibit persistently reduced basal (resting-state) free and total testosterone concentrations without concurrent LH elevations. Men displaying these symptoms have been deemed to exhibit the “exercise-hypogonadal male condition”. The exact physiological mechanism inducing the reduction of testosterone in these men is currently unclear but is postulated to be a dysfunction (or perhaps a readjustment) within the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular regulatory axis. The potential exists for the reduced testosterone concentrations within exercise-hypogonadal men to be disruptive and detrimental to some anabolic-androgenic testosterone-dependent physiological processes. Findings on this point are limited, but do suggest spermatogenesis problems may exist in some cases.”

You have to be smart about your choices in order to get what you expect out of it, check one of my blog posts on the subject:

There are so many men out there with large waists and skinny arms that are comfortable with “living a little”, just like those men suffering from stress, depression and general problems who think that beer is the solution. No my friend…….beer is not a solution!!!!

MAN UP about your HEALTH!

Men’s health week for me is about telling the truth; by eating a less than ideal diet and not exercising correctly, or not exercising at all, be assured you are on the path to an early grave.
· MAN UP and lift weights in an effective, efficient and safe manner. Seek appropriate help to guide you with exercise and nutrition.
· Cut off the mi mi mi, the blah blah blah… and just make a decision.

Let me guarantee you that it is great to feel powerful, strong, fit, healthy, happy and productive. Once you have experienced feeling like I do each day you won’t look back.
Be Intense, be confident and more importantly during this Men’s Health Week in Australia;


Marcelo Mesquita / Director – Exercise physiology


Marcelo is the co-founder and Director of Exercise Physiology at Intense Health, Perth's #1 Private Strength Training and Nutrition Clinics.


Marcelo is the co-founder and Director of Exercise Physiology at Intense Health, Perth's #1 Private Strength Training and Nutrition Clinics.