Less is More

As disruptors of the Health and Fitness industry, we believe less is more. Every moment spent in the Chamber is analysed and enhanced to ensure you are always evolving and progressing.

With the full attention of your private trainer in our environmental controlled Chamber, we make the most of each Interlude.



Starter Pack

Full Body Composition Analysis

Nutritional Re – Educational Journey

40min Nutrition Consult – Getting to know YOU

2 to 3hrs Immersive Educational & Customised Nutritional Assessment

Exercise Evaluation and Training Session

Monthly Progress Fine Tune Session

Coaching session with the Founder Marcelo Mesquita

– who has 20 years of experience in helping individuals to remaster their HEALTH

$1000 – with all pay as you go training

Only $499 with all training programs below

Future of Health & Fitness


As a species of patterns, we rarely challenge routine, until something comes along and shakes the world up. We work with disruptions, questioners and interrogators- those who are looking to progress past the norm.

Intense Health understands the modern human system and the unknown efficiencies that we take for granted. We own the future of Health and Fitness.


Getting started at Intense Health

Intense Health_Single iStart

Free Introduction Trial

10-minute intro to our Interlude

10-minute Trial of Interlude

Intense Health_Single i-Share

Buddy System

2 Individuals Together Inside the Chamber Training

20-minute Session

$59 per individual/session

Intense Health_Single i-GATHER

Contract System

4 Private Sessions Shared Between 2 Individuals, 1 Contract.

$69 per individual/session

Minimum 4 Sessions per week

*Prepaid Fortnightly

**Terms & Conditions Apply

Private Training Sessions

Intense Health_Single i-Evolve

For the results driven

Private 20-minute Training Sessions

Smart Lifestyle (Private Training) $80 per session –

2 times p/w

Successful Lifestyle (Private Training) $75 per session –

3 times p/w

Max Results (Private Training) $69 per session –

4 times p/w

*Prepaid fortnightly

Intense Health_Single i-Train


Private 20-minute Training Session

$99 per Session

Paid on day of session





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