Interlude – The Process


With nationwide exclusivity of the revolutionary ARX FIT technology, Intense Health has developed The Interlude. A unique approach that challenges the status quo of an overly saturated ‘Health and Fitness’ industry.
Competing against your own results, and supported by your private trainer inside the ‘Chamber’, our Interlude process has been tried and tested to ensure that you can work to your full capability, every time.
Interlude involves a high-intensity resistance training method, completed in 20-minute one-on-one training sessions.

Interlude Benefits

Interlude is a combination of multiple 20 minute private training sessions, and a customised nutritional program, which delivers the following benefits:

  • Improves muscle tone, strength and firms skin
  • Increases metabolism – with greater “fat-burning” potential
  • Improves energy levels – to be more productive and focused, or simply enjoy living to a greater degree.
  • Increases functional ability – with an improved ability to deal with the stresses, strains and demands of everyday life
  • Improves cardio-vascular fitness – optimisation of your heart and lungs ability to function and provide your body with the oxygen it needs
  • Increases flexibility – full range movements provide ideal flexibility throughout your body
  • Improves natural hormonal levels – like testosterone
  • Bone loss prevention – low force high intensity training is the best way to keep your bones strong and healthy and prevent demineralization and osteoporosis
  • Alleviates arthritic pain
  • Increases self-confidence and mental focus


Customised Nutrition

As a fundamental element in our Interlude process, Intense Health will combine nutritional education with a customised nutritional plan to help you create a healthy body from inside out. In a nutshell, the Intense Health approach to nutrition is based on Healthy Fats – Moderate Protein – Low Carb.

Intense Health’s customised nutrition plan includes a full body analysis on a 3D scanner, an extensive nutrition consultation with our experts and a process of food diaries, education and monthly monitoring and updates. This in-depth analysis focuses on your current lifestyle and is customised for you optimum health. For more information, click here.


20-minute sessions

Interlude is grounded in efficiency. After the initial consultation, a customised training plan is designed for each client made up of guided, slow-motion, muscular resistance training. Within the intense 20-minute session, you will complete 5-8 exercise sets chosen specifically to suit your abilities and goals. These 20-minute sessions are done twice or a maximum of 4 times per week, dependent on each individual’s needs.


Private Clinical

Each session is conducted in the Intense Health Chamber, with just you and an Intense Health Training Specialist. The Private Chamber is temperature-controlled with no music, no TV, no distractions ensuring that you get the most out of each and every session.



The Intense Health method provides each client with nutrition and dietetics in a step-by-step program so clients can understand and feel the mental and physical benefits of the Interlude method. Through nutritional education, Intense Health can assist clients in understanding the intricacies of their own systems and why they should change the way they eat.


Human Remastered

Driving your individual revolution through nutritional guidance, high-intensity training and progress tracking, Intense Health will help to transform your life. Intense Health will remaster every human through our research-based approach of superior strength training, nutrition and education.

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