The Intense Health method is a customised, one-on-one process that focuses on combining short-duration, high-intensity resistance training with nutritional guidance and step-by-step education to help each client achieve a better quality of life, irrespective of their age or physical condition.


Intense Health was created by husband and wife team Marcelo and Andreia Mesquita, in Perth, Western Australia. Marcelo and Andreia hail from Curitiba in Brazil – a city famous for being the best Brazilian city in which to live. They both decided in their teens to dedicate their lives to achieve and experience the best quality of life for themselves and to help others do the same. Marcelo then studied Physical Education for 5 years and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Training Specialisation. After 4 years of university study, Andreia graduated with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.


After university, they started their professional journey of training themselves and others – including elite sports men and women – to achieve an optimum quality of performance. They achieved many successes but also found that excessive training methods often led to injury. They studied this problem further and discovered many pitfalls in conventional methods prevailing in the industry. This led them to develop a revolutionary new approach to training and nutrition based on the principle of ‘quality not quantity’ – a method that was very different from what was being taught in the fields of health, fitness and nutrition. After much research and experimentation, they perfected the process and decided to introduce the Intense Health method to the world, one client at a time.

Our Symbol

Our symbol was created to reflect two important aspects of the Intense Health method. Firstly, the letter “i” represents the Intense Focus and commitment required by an individual to achieve their goal of optimum health and performance. Secondly, to reflect the continually evolving nature of the Intense Health method which combines Training and Nutrition in different proportions in the infinite pursuit of optimum health and longevity. Our symbol shows an 80/20 balance, to reflect how the Intense Health method combines Training and Nutrition – with the 80/20 balance changing over time from Training to Nutrition or vice versa as the individual progresses on their Intense Health journey.




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